New Client: Target – commercial photography update

New Client: Target - commercial photography update

Ok, many of the following posts im labeling as new client updates even though many of them i’ve been shooting for quite some time now. Thats the problem with only updated your blog once a year. Ugghh…

Anyway, very happy to say that my work has finally been showing up in Target stores. I’m primarily photographing clothing/fashion laydowns but also photograph a mix of product and lifestyle work. The work is for Target Canada’s in store and online weekly flyers. I love working with the entire target team, this is a huge collaboration of incredibly talented people and I can honestly say i really enjoy every one of them. Sometimes shooting in a high production environment can be really tedious and you don’t often end the day feeling like you created anything so its really refreshing to work with a team determined to keep it fresh and fun with a focus on quality. Ive attached a few random pages so you can take a look at what we’ve been up to.

So if you happen to stop by a Target Canada store, grab the flyer as you walk in.

New Client: Target – commercial photography update