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April 13, 2012 | Posted By: | fashion photography |

I posted a beauty editorial shoot I did with kate from major paris and amazing hair/mu artist Destiny Taylor a few days back. We managed to get into the studio for a couple hours on a dreary day and came up with some beautiful pseudo beauty, very editorial looking images that I absolutely love. You can take a look at that post here. Right before Kate left for her European (working) vacation we teamed up with wardrobe stylist Kate Troedsson and dropped by one of our favorite local boutiques, Anne Bocci Boutique & Gallery, to grab bags of amazing jewelry and headed out for the place I dubbed “the castle without a castle”. Doesn’t make much sense unless you see it and you may not be all that interested to begin with so i digress. Kate is fast becoming one of my favorite models to work with, we always seam to come away with some of my favorite images. Thanks to everyone involved, really enjoyed this one.

Model: Kate @ Major Models Paris

Hair/Mu: Destiny Taylor

Wardrobe Styling: Kate Troedsson @

Special thanks to Anne Bocci Boutique & Gallery

Fashion Photography copyright Dustin Rowley

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