fashion photography editorial – dominique @ option model portland

Every once in awhile a brand new model walks in the door and your enthusiasm for the industry elevates to another level. Dominique is one of those girls. I had run in to Option one afternoon and immediately upon stopping by Kit and Nina start raving about a new girl they found and spent the next 15 minutes in an enthusiastic rant about the expectations everyone had for Dominique. I was dubious but optimistic. What can I say, they were so right and it served as a stark reminder as to how amazing they are at what they do. Anyway, we planned a quick studio session just to get a couple shots they could use to start booking her but within five minutes of shooting I was already planning this shoot in my head. Looking back I would have done things differently on this one and actually hope we get a chance to do this one right but, all in all, im very happy with the final images. There are a few that are actually some of my favorites. I know I say that alot, and you must be thinking my favorites folder is quite enormous, but i couldn’t be more truthful in this case. You know thinking about it, my favorites folder is quite large and that’s pretty exciting. I look at it as a sign that i’m working hard and improving every shoot which ultimately is all I strive for. Enough of that, on to the images.

Model: Dominique @ Option Models Portland

Hair/Mu: Destiny Taylor

Fashion Photography copyright Dustin Rowley

Dustin Rowley is a Commercial Photographer located in Portland Oregon specializing in Fashion, Editorial, Lifestyle and Campaign Photography. Although I primarily focus on editorial / fashion photography I shoot a wide variety of work from food and product to corporate headshoots and even an occasional wedding. If you’re interested in booking a photography session please get in touch, I’d love to take a minute and discuss your project.