Commercial Photography Set Portland // Nike Olympic Popup Launch

July 13, 2012 | Posted By: | commercial photography |

Commercial Photography Set Portland // Nike Olympic Popup Launch

I got a call a few weeks back from Kristi over at Set asking me to shoot the unveiling of a interactive pop up that will be traveling around to all the Nike stores around the country leading up to the Olympic Games. For those of you not familiar with Set you should head over to their site and take a look around, between their amazing in-house team and collaborations they’re creating some amazing visual campaigns in the retail market, take a look here.

I had a great time shooting the launch. The pop up is visually stunning and as you can see in the pictures its a heart-racing adrenaline rush which comes as no surprise, it is after all a Nike collaboration intended to build excitement for the Summer Olympics. If you get a chance to see this interactive display in person, make sure you wear some loose clothes and are ready for a workout. The popup is a three way head to head to head competition over three events, the vertical leap, jump rope and sprint. The visually stunning displays keep you updated on your progress, and for the highly competitive types, your neighbors progress. Most impressive, the computer analyzes not sure the number of jumps in the jump rope compettion for instance it tracks the explosiveness, speed, height of jumps etc. when figuring your score, all tracked by a computer insert in the specially made shoes (which will be commercially available at the start of the Olympic games). Its a beautiful display thats highly addictive and alot of fun. Well done to all involved with this one.

On to the pics.