Commercial photography session with Fashion Designer Seth Aaron

April 25, 2012 | Posted By: | commercial photography |

Got a call during Portland Fashion week last fall to shoot some studio portraits of Fashion Designer and Project Runway winner Seth Aaron. This was the first chance I had to work with Greg Sande, owner of Sienna Creative Works who handles the Earthtec / Seth Aaron design/marketing. If you have a minute head over and take a look at the work Greg and his team are doing. Not only are they amazing to work with but they produce an incredible product.

Alrigh back to the task at hand, Seth, Greg and team were just a few days from debuting the Seth Aaron collection for Sustainable clothing retailer Earthtec Clothing. You can head over to Seth’s site and take a look at the collection here.

We managed to get into the studio for a hour, which was about all he could spare with his busy schedule. We had a great session, they really wanted to get some good candid shots that really showed his personality and his newly shaved head. I love the way these turned out, everyone was very please. Going to be posting more images soon but here’s a few shots to tide you over.

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