• New Client: Polo Ralph Lauren – commercial photography update

    This post is long overdue. I actually started shooting Polo nearly a year ago. This is an ongoing client although I don’t get a chance to shoot for them as often as I used to. We shot all the children and infant/layette laydown photography for their website. You can take a look at the work here. Just click thru all the individual categories to see the photography. (note: my photography is not the on figure photography just the laydowns – just want to make sure i mention that).

    This was my first really big name for commercial photography and will always have a great deal of gratitude for everyone that brought me on board. Its opened alot of doors and i’ll always have be incredibly thankful.

    Ok, here’s some samples of work. I can’t say for certain who shot what since we have a few teams working on this project at all times but at least you can see what we’re up to.

    New Client: Polo Ralph Lauren – commercial photography

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